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Government of British Columbia

Recommendations to trade unions

Recommendation 10: Press all levels of government to adopt proactive pay equity legislation to eliminate wage disparities between men and Black women, Indigenous and Muslim women.

Recommendations to government

Recommendation 21: Implement the recommendations of the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination contained in its Concluding Observations on the Combined Twenty-First to Twenty-Third Periodic Reports of Canada.

Recommendations to government

Recommendation 22: Working with Muslim community associations, human rights bodies, trade unions and civil society organizations, and other stakeholders, develop a strategy to combat the growth of anti-Muslim hate groups and online and social media dissemination of Islamophobia.

Recommendations to government

Recommendation 23: Employ both an equity and intersectional lens, for existing and future legislation, regulations and policies in order to promote respect, dignity and fairness, and support diversity and equality for all people in communities across Canada.

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