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How to use the keyword search:

Use the keyword search to look up recommendations related to a specific simple term or phrase. Examples of terms you can search for include “seniors” or “decolonization.”

Please note that the keyword search will pull results from any recommendation containing your keyword, even if it is a portion of the word. For example, the search term ‘trans rights’ may also turn up results for ‘transportation’. For this reason, we recommend using a combination of the filters and keyword search to find what you are specifically looking for.

How to use the search filters:

You can use the database’s search filters to refine your keyword search results or as a standalone search method without using any keywords. 

What each search filter means

Each recommendation has been assigned tags corresponding to the database’s search filters. These tags are: category and theme, groups impacted, audience, location of recommendation, author, sector, and publication year. You can select one search filter or multiple filters across various areas.  

Categories and themes

Recommendation have been tagged with relevant categories and themes. A single recommendation may be tagged with more than one category and theme. Selecting a parent category will allow you to see recommendations associated with all of the themes in that category. You can refine your search within a category by selecting only the themes you want to see results for. Selecting themes across multiple categories will display results for recommendations belonging to any of the selected themes. 

Groups impacted

This search filter helps you search for recommendations based on which groups are impacted by the recommendations. For example, if you work for an organization specializing in children’s rights, you can select “Children and youth” under this filter to find recommendations impacting this group. 


You can use this search filter if you are looking for recommendations addressed to a specific organization type or sector. These are usually who the recommendation is seeking action from. For example, you can use this filter if you are looking only for recommendations addressed to non-profit organizations. 

Location of the recommendation

You may find this search filter helpful if you’re looking for recommendations focused on a specific area. You can search for recommendations that apply to all of Canada, all of B.C., or provinces outside of B.C. You can search for recommendations for First Nations or Métis communities or for recommendations specific to one of B.C.’s eight regions: Cariboo, Kootenay, Mainland/Southweset, Nechako, North Coast, Northeast, Thompson-Okanagan or Vancouver Island/Coast. 


This search filter will help you search for recommendations from reports authored by a specific organization or organizations. Another way you can pull up all recommendations by a specific author is by clicking on the publishing organization’s name when it appears next to a recommendation in your search. 


This search filter will help you look for recommendations from reports authored by organizations from specific sectors. For example, you can search for recommendations authored only by the academic sector. 


You can refine your search by publication year. This means you can opt to filter for recommendations from reports published in specific years. Another way you can pull up all recommendations from a specific year is by clicking on the year when it appears next to a recommendation in your search. 

Other search functions

If you want to clear all of the search filters you’ve selected, click “Clear search,” located next to the “Search database” button.  

Once you’ve pulled up the search results you would like to see, you can choose to sort them by relevance or by report. 

How to view all recommendations within a report 

Each recommendation will be accompanied by the details of the report it was sourced from, including the author and publication year. You can click on the report title to view all recommendations from that specific report, and to access more information about that report along with a downloadable PDF file of the publication. 

Searching an individual report’s recommendations 

If you’re viewing all of a specific report’s recommendations on its publication page, you can use search filters to refine which recommendations you want to see from that report.  

To do this, click the “Filter this report’s recommendations” button and a search filter option will drop down. 

You can also click on “Additional details” under each recommendation to view which details correspond to the recommendation in the areas of category and theme, groups affected, audience, and recommendation location. 

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