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Phases of each community research cycle

This image shows the five phases of the community research cycle. These phases are: 
1) community outreach,
2) Info sessions for Community Connectors
3) Orientation sessions with Community Connectors
4) Community research, focus groups and surveys
5) Debrief sessions: reporting back on analysis and findings

Upcoming milestones and important dates

Spring 2022Interim Circle of Advisors assembled
Summer 2022Building Community Connectors network for first research cycle
Fall 2022 – Summer 2023Community engaged research in Cranbrook, Chetwynd, Chilliwack and Terrace
Spring 2023Provincial survey launch
Summer 2023Debrief session and feedback session with Community Connectors
Fall 2023Launch of Recommendations Database
Spring 2024Release of community research briefs for Cranbrook, Chetwynd, Chilliwack and Terrace
Summer 2024Key human rights issues report

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