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Municipal governments

Recommendation 1: Federal, provincial, territorial, municipal, and Indigenous government decision making on carbon pricing, regulations, procurement, and infrastructure investments should explicitly account for the future competitive benefits of near-term climate action, including improved transition readiness and increased demand for clean energy and technologies.

Recommendation 2: Federal, provincial, and territorial governments should rebalance public investments and tax incentives towards activities with export and growth potential that face barriers to private investmt.

Recommendation 3: Federal, provincial, territorial, municipal, and Indigenous governments should work together to develop detailed transition plans to support workers and communities and improve overall well-being.

Recommendation 4: The federal government—with leadership from the Privy Council Office—should work with the Sustainable Finance Action Council, securities and financial regulators, provincial and territorial governments, standards associations, and Indigenous organizations to accelerate the development and require the use of quantitative and comparable company- and product-level metrics, standards, and certifications that measure climate, environmental, social, and Indigenous performance.

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