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Recommendation 1: EVA BC’s research and consultations in British Columbia have highlighted the need for adequate levels of services and training to enhance knowledge and skills of responders throughout the system of response, and the need to ensure that the justice system is equipped to respond and adjudicate in matters of gender-based violence. We also stress the critical importance of cross sector coordination in responding to gender-based violence, and the involvement and combined efforts and energy of government, support and service organizations, and survivors and their families.

Recommendation 2: The importance of a National Action Plan cannot be overstated in terms of establishing national standards and strengthening the systems that respond to gender-based violence. However, at the same time, a key element of success will be ongoing engagement, collaboration and knowledge sharing with regions and communities, to reflect the diversity of needs, challenges and efforts across the nation. To do this, it will be important to link with and build on the work and expertise of existing provincial not-for-profit organizations in engaging and supporting local communities and in developing provincial-level strategies.

Recommendation 3: In line with the Guiding Principles outlined in A High-Level Framework for Joint Action and endorsed by the Federal, Provincial, and Territorial Ministers responsible for the Status of Women during their 38th Conference, we are calling on the establishment of formal relationships between WAGE and provincial and territorial non-profit organizations. As key partners within the multi-sectoral approach, these organizations need to be resourced to lead the implementation of the relevant components of the Plan and distribute the funding to smaller community-based organizations and programs through granting that addresses local priorities and needs. Such umbrella organizations are best positioned to ensure the successful implementation of the Plan according to its Guiding Principles in the most impactful and cost-effective way by leveraging their existing networks, relationships, knowledge and expertise.

Recommendation 4: Finally, in order to implement system-wide level solutions that are urgently needed, there needs to be an effective mechanism for resourcing this work. We recommend that the federal government consider Transfer Payments, specifically the Canada Social Transfer, as a mechanism to provide funding to provinces for supporting gender-based violence initiatives. If this solution is to be pursued, Transfer Payments would have to contain a clear set of accountabilities tied back to the National Action Plan, which will also allow for monitoring the progress towards its implementation.

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