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Defining Hate Speech

Recommendation 1: The Canadian government seek adequate community input to create a clear, robust and thorough definition of hate speech.

Timelines for Removing Hate Speech

Recommendation 2: The Canadian government adopt timeframe requirements for social media companies to remove harmful material that are similar to those in existing and proposed legislation in the EU.

Identifying and Removing (and Not Removing) Content

Recommendation 3: An adequate identification and notification system be put in place should the government adopt a notice and action mechanism for identifying and removing harmful content.

Identifying and Removing (and Not Removing) Content

Recommendation 4: More funding be provided to equity groups developing online tools to identify and flag harmful content.

Fringe Cases

Recommendation 5: A specialized body such as a tribunal be created to expeditiously make determinations regarding fringe cases of online hate, and equity organizations have an opportunity to define hate speech and be involved in the creation of such bodies.


Recommendation 6: Penalties be sufficiently high so as to discourage social media companies from allowing harmful material on their platforms.


Recommendation 7: The Canadian government must ensure that regulatory fines or other penalties are enforceable against large social media companies that can have complex corporate structures.


Recommendation 8: Some civil recourse be provided to communities and individuals for harms caused by online hate speech or fake news.

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