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Recommendation 1: Make sure all workers in BC are covered by the hourly minimum wage by the end of 2021 and establish a permanent Fair Wages Commission with research staff to examine issues related to low wages in BC and to give advice to the government on increases to the minimum wage.

Recommendation 2: Amend the BC Employment Standards Act to provide all workers, regardless of their employment status (full time, part time, casual) or length of service, with the right to paid sick leave.

Recommendation 3: Governments at all levels should ensure their direct and contract employees are paid a living wage that allows them to meet their basic needs, properly support their children and avoid chronic financial stress.

Recommendation 4: Significantly raise income and disability assistance rates to bring total welfare incomes up to the CFLIM after-tax poverty thresholds and index them to inflation.

Recommendation 5: Adjust income and disability assistance rates for families with a child with disabilities to recognize the additional costs associated with raising a child with extra support needs.

Recommendation 6: Expand the post-secondary program options eligible for support under the Single Parent Employment Initiative and, in the absence of enhancements to BC’s refundable post-secondary grants, allow all those on social assistance to retain benefits while attending a post-secondary institution.

Recommendation 7: Ensure the Canada Child Benefit, in combination with other income measures, raises all families with children above the CFLIM after tax poverty lines calculated through tax filer data and ensure access to this and other federal benefits for families in population groups with higher rates of poverty.

Recommendation 8: Index the BC Child Opportunity Benefit to inflation to ensure the value of the benefit does not erode over time.

Recommendation 9: Ensure maternity and parental leave benefits are universally available to all parents (regardless of work status) and that the benefit levels are not less than the CFLIM aftertax poverty lines.

Recommendation 10: Enhance Employment Insurance to expand access, duration and level of benefits to reduce inequity for lower-income workers and prevent and reduce child and family poverty, including establishing a minimum benefit floor.

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